Orhsome is a multi discipline media production agency with a strong in house production team. Founded in 2015, Orhsome has taken on a wide variety of projects, from Social Media Content Creation to large scale commercial productions and even Feature Films.

Our company has also taken on many projects in the region, having done projects in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and also Southeast Asia. Our team has also worked with foreign production companies producing content for Netflix, HBO, Amazon and more.

Orhsome believes in constant innovation, by taking advantage of new technologies to improve the quality of work. With the current technologies available, it is very possible to bring cinema-like quality to your videos, even in just social media content. All this is also possible because of our experience in filming feature films and also in post-production.

In Singapore, it’s one thing to just say “Orh” to accept a project, but it’s another to make your projects’ Orhsome!

Social Media Content Creation

We are able to conceptualise and execute a social media campaign to fit the needs of your business. At the end of the day, our content is aimed to help your business increase in awareness and profits! Afterall, if the video looks good but doesn't help grow your business, why do it?

TVCs and Short Films

We have a dedicated and passionate team to create the best images and looks for your media campaigns. Give us an idea and budget, and we will support your idea with our technical expertise and enhance it further with our creative ideas and experience! Or, let us conceptualise from scratch for you, an idea that fuses both the KPIs of your campaign with an eye catching, mind blowing film!

Aerial Drone Filming

EVERYBODY wants a drone shot in their film/video! So we went ahead, got ourselves licensed with CAAS, got the best drones available in the market and here we are! To date, we have filmed for movies both locally and regionally (including Hollywood!), and worked with fellow production houses to give that extra novelty look in their TVCs and Films! This is by far our most sought after service and our drones go out almost every other day for shoots!

Our Team


Janice Sia

Managing Director

Janice graduated 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from RMIT. She then joined Orhsome Productions in the same year, in marketing as well as business development. Being interested in the operations of the company, she got herself licensed with CAAS as a drone pilot. As a motivated individual, she took up more roles such as producer, managing and is now overseeing the company operations. Janice is also well versed with pre and post-production management.

Janice is a very bold and active individual who enjoys taking up challenges. She will also go the extra mile to ensure the smooth runnings and operations of her projects. Clients always find it a joy to work with her.


Bryan Lee

Creative Director

Bryan, is a creative consultant with a huge variety of portfolios. He’s a director, producer, DOP, editor, photographer and more. He is also a very experienced drone pilot, who mixes his experience and knowledge of camera/gimbal movements into his drone flying, creating the perfect balance between flight and film. Bryan’s other past portfolio’s also include sound engineering, song production, events management, hosting, and has even performed in clubs and pubs as a musician in his early 20s. As some say, A jack of all trades, but a master of many. His lifelong dream is to conceptualise and coordinate a national level event.


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